the cōmodo berlin

Project currently under development. Coming soon…

Modern day Berlin is synonymous with artistic expression, freedom and community. There is a creative energy running through the city which is a springboard for invention! Despite its periods of suffering and division, Berlin’s spirit always shines through. From the emergence of the cabaret clubs in the 1920s to the techno hey-day of the city after the wall fell, Berliners – more often than not – find a way to come together again!

These pillars of creativity and collaboration were channeled into our design for the cōmodo Berlin – a place to work, play and let the imagination lead. 

The cōmodo Berlin occupies a villa at Storkower See, a large natural lake around 1.5 hours by train from central Berlin. The villa was built in the 1920s, renovated in the 1980s and is now undergoing its next evolution. There is a clear thread connecting the style and design of these three eras: Particular art movements of the 1980s for example took their inspiration from those of the 1920s, and likewise contemporary lenses often look towards those two earlier periods of time. In designing the interiors, we amplified and celebrated the history of the Storkow villa, looking to elements of art and design from the three decades defining this property.

Everything from furniture, lighting, interior design and building materials to fashion, fine art and sculpture provided inspiration. We looked to the art deco, abstract and modernist movements of the 1920s, through to Op Art, Memphis and post-modernism in the 1980s, right through to the current influences of sustainable design, new media and unique bespoke furniture. In all these movements, motifs such as circles and arches, geometric shapes and patterns, and bright, bold colours feature.

We were inspired by innovative architects, designers and artists throughout the 20th century. These included Josef Hoffmann, amongst the founders of the Vienna Secession and a leading figure in the Modernist and Art Deco movements; design pioneer Gaetano Pesce, known for his inventive use of colour and materials; and Ettore Sottsass and Natalie Du Pasquier, founding members of the Milan based Memphis Group, whose thinking centred around the radical, the funny and the outrageous!

With these elements in mind, we created a space where contrasting styles, colours and materials come together to form a controlled maximalism; playful and stylish, surprising and pleasantly eccentric. Not only is this seen in the interior design of the villa itself, but also in the line of furniture we designed specifically for the cōmodo Berlin. Harnessing the playful spirit of the villa’s interiors, the collection merges contrasting patterns, colours and materials to reinterpret the past in a joyful, modern way.

Not to be forgotten is the setting of the villa, which has direct access to Storkower See. Lake swimming and forest walking are quintessential experience of the Berlin lifestyle, and the villa offers the chance for calm, relaxation and an escape to nature. In a city where there is always something to do, the possibility for space and serenity is an important thing.

The cōmodo Berlin puts its focus on community – it’s a place for socialising and meeting new people and a number of shared spaces have been created to facilitate this: There is the cōmodo living room, with its open fireplace and cosy atmosphere inviting guests to get to know one another; The large open kitchen and common dining room encourage a casual and convivial atmosphere around the preparation and enjoyment of food; and the co-working space offers the possibility for creative exchange, dialogue and collaboration.

The flexible layout of the different room types allow adaptation to the guest’s needs. The cōmodo Berlin is a place for everything from workshops, art events, meditation and as a base for cycling or walking day-trips. As we get so accustomed to remote work and an on-line life, the power of bringing people together can’t be overlooked. The energy, the excitement and the creativity…it’s what makes Berlin what it is!