weStudio is a multidisciplinary creative studio, specialised in interior and hospitality design. With a focus on art and bespoke furniture, we create cohesive spaces with a story to tell.

weStudio was founded in Berlin in 2021 by Barbara Elwardt and Piotr Wisniewski. After having worked together since 2018, their mutual passion for exceptional hospitality design saw them create the cōmodo hotel collection. From this project, weStudio was born.

We work contextually

We design in a way that responds to the site, studying the historic and geographic background to create a new holistic experience.

We love to tell a story

We create environments with a multi-layered narrative, whether that be celebrating the spirit of an existing space or shaping the story of a new one.

We are curious

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We want to set the wheel in motion by looking outside the box and finding new possibilities!

We are playful

Our approach to scale, colour and materials is a spirited one, bringing a sense of joy to our designs.

We are solution-oriented

Challenges can arise during both design and construction stages. When they do, we place an emphasis on communication and adaptation. With a flexible mindset, we look for the solutions to best serve the people we are working together with.

Diversity of expression

We never work in one fixed style, instead always responding to each project individually. We look to unconventional sources of inspiration and like to experiment, leading to a unique visual language for every design.

Functionality is key

…but it’s so much better when there’s a backstory too! We create spaces and furniture which really work. And, through the broad research we undertake, these designs are enriched with a meaningful narrative as well.

The devil is in the details

From construction techniques to the materials used, every little bit counts towards the success of the overall design.

We create spaces to last

The materials we use are chosen carefully to endure and age with character. We look to influences both contemporary and from the past to create a timeless design.

We believe in creating the future we would like to live in